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Rainsford is gearing up to release an EP soon, and today gives fans a taste of what's to come with "Intentions."

The record finds Rainsford linking up with Twin Shadow for a sweet-sounding synth duet that will have you in your feels. It turns out this particular song went through different drafts before being finalized. "There were many manifestations of 'Intentions' before it finally took this form," Rainsford explained. "My co-writer, Nick Dungo, and I ended up combining two songs we were working on, completely reproduced it several times, and what you hear is the final result."

Rainsford also shared what inspired her to write this record. "Given the content of the song, we thought it would really benefit from a male voice. So we were thrilled when George (Twin Shadow) wanted to sing on the chorus with me. The initial inspiration for the song came from a confusing experience I was going through with a girl. Later the lyrics were influenced by a similar experience with a guy I started dating. In both cases neither of us really knew what we wanted and were scared to truly speak our minds, leaving me wondering, 'What are your intentions?'"