MILK.XYZ Premieres "Rendezvous"


Deep in the heart of Brooklyn, two passionate retirees got hot for each other, rolled around in the greens, and were caught by none other than artist RAINSFORD and her producer, Nick Dungo; a few hours of studio time later, and voila: “Rendezvous” was born. Such is the story of RAINSFORD’s latest single, and it couldn’t have come at a better time—with summer heating up as we speak, and romances blossoming left and right, “Rendezvous” just might be the single to define summer 2K17.  Read more at

New Single "S.I.D." DROPPING JUNE 28!

Chillin' like a villain...

Chillin' like a villain...

Hey friends, my new single "S.I.D. (Sunshine in December)" is dropping on June 28.  It was originally going to be called "Far Away" but we decided to change it because that title seemed to fit the vibe better.  Do you think we made the right choice?